Poster that says 'AND DOWN' at the top and 'LOOK ME UP' at the bottom

Freizeit highlights of the year, 2018:

A man, eating
a Sainsbury’s hoisin duck wrap
on the tube
this is not The Good Life

Posters about asking for feedback on work
Posters about giving feedback on work
Posters about receiving feedback on work

Abstract square image made up of lots of pink coloured blocks

Famous image of 9 pink men from an episode of Question Time Abstract square image made up of 9 pink coloured blocks


Drawing of an old-fashioned railway speed sign found in Wales

Was in Wales last week. On a journey along a very old railway line, I saw these metal speed limit signs that were mounted back-to-back with each other (presumably so that trains coming in both directions can see).

To be honest I can see why they don’t use them anymore, because you can’t read the numbers for shit. However, I thought I must be able to use them in some cool graphicdesign™ at some point. Leaving this here as a reminder.

I started a silly Instagram account:

It’s for posting photos of the word ‘design’ whenever I see it written out and about. So far, lots of printing companies, interior decorators and hairdressers.

“As a consumer in late capitalism, you increasingly exist in one of two, distinct realities: the one in which services are provided without a hitch, and another reality entirely, the crazed Kafka-esque labyrinth of call centres, a world without memory, where cause and effect come together in mysterious, unfathomable ways, where it is a miracle that anything ever happens, and you lose hope of ever passing back over to the other side…

In this experience of a system that is unresponsive, impersonal, centreless, abstract and fragmentary, you are as close as you can be to confronting the artificial stupidity of Capital itself”

Mark Fisher on service design (sort of). RIP.

A famous photograph of New Year's Eve in Manchester which has been fed through a machine learning thing that recognises faces and creatures in things, creating a wonderfully disturbing and psychedelic image