Chris Thomas


Weeks #12 and #13

  • It was my 30th birthday last weekend, hence the double weeknote
  • Harriet (and her cronies) organised a really nice party with my family and friends and I had a lovely time and felt very lucky
  • My sister dreassed up as me in a Liverpool shirt, glasses and a wig and a genuinely didn’t realise it was her for at least a minute
  • I took the day off on Monday and spent it wandering about town with my brother. Looked in all the expensive clothes shops near Kings Cross with the intention of treating myself to a nice jacket or something. Got some slippers.
  • I was concerned I was suddenly thinking about death a lot more in my 30s, but I think I actually just had a multi-day hangover
  • Recently joined the team working on the GOV.UK Design System. Had my name added to the website on my first day which was a nice touch.
  • People in the industry chat a lot of breeze about design systems. It’ll take a while to work out what’s worth paying attention to and what’s not.
  • I’m mostly looking forward to getting nerdy about fonts and working more with designers in other government departments
  • My first task is sorting out hover states for links so they contrast enough with other link states. Amazingly I actually like doing this kind of shit!
  • Been doing a new commute recently in order to spend less time under the ground. Walking 10–15 mins to Loughborough Junction and getting the train there. If I get the southern rail one that starts at Beckenham Junction it’s pretty chill. But if I get the Thameslink one from Sutton fuck me. The people on there are a different class, absolute experts in dog-eat-dog commuter shithousery. They all wear the same black wool overcoat, have those expensive Swiss backpacks with the little metal logos. Catch a flash of argyle socks poking out of garish running shoes as they cut you up to dart towards the oyster barrier. I fear them.
  • The first half of Little Women is a little bit batshit isn’t it? Feels like being at a fucking kids birthday party for the best part of an hour. Settles down after a bit though, nice film.
  • Actually whilst hungover on my birthday we also watched Lady Bird, and it was one of my favourite films I’ve seen a while. Really took advantage of my fragile state.

Photo from my birthday party of an adapted GOV.UK page all about me


Week #11

  • I would rate my week 7 out of 10 and you can’t ask for more than that
  • The attempt to buy a flat rumbles on like an extremely slow and tedious rollercoaster. Harriet is amazing (she didn’t write this honest).
  • Wednesday night I went to the London Stadium to watch West Ham v Liverpool. Sat in the West Ham end. Was shitting myself a bit before the game but it was fine. I’m extremely glad I got to see the best Liverpool team of my life but wish they’d had to try a bit harder.
  • The London Stadium is dire, and I feel sorry for West Ham fans having to go there every other week. The pre- and post-match experience pretty much consists of waddling through huge crowds in the middle of nowhere waiting for excessive security checks, with no pubs, no chip shops, nothing to look at, nothing to do except walk around Westfield shopping centre. Proper grim. J.G. Ballard FC.
  • Been watching the latest series of Top Boy. Really good, full of very human protrayals of very bleak realities. More overtly political than I remember the previous series being.
  • Sad to hear about Andy Gill of Gang of Four passing away yesterday. Spent a lot of teenage hours trying and failing to make my stratocaster copy sound like this.
  • Was lucky enough to meet him very briefly a few years ago. Was asking him about Leeds in the 70s expecting him to be all misty-eyed and he said it was an absolute shithole and that he couldn’t wait to leave. Said he liked Huddersfield though, so fair dos.

Photo of me with Andy Gill outside a pub in Soho