Chris Thomas


Weeks #20 & 21

  • I got an Xbox on Alex T’s advice. It’s the first time I’ve played video games at length for maybe 12+ years. Things have changed. When you first get it you basically plug it in and spend the next few hours waiting for it to download games and updates. That would not have been ok on Christmas day when I was a weeun. Also what happened to split screen multiplayer?
  • It was Harriet’s birthday on Friday and we got pissed on wine and margaritas in the garden. I almost miss hangovers? Almost?
  • Enjoyed taking an hour to make a sandwich last weekend. I think this is getting to the core of what lockdown might mean to me. Slowing down perfunctory everyday activities to the point of art. Like that Jurassic Park theme done 1000% slower.
  • Repotted some house plants
  • Played on my synth
  • Put some pictures up