Chris Thomas


Week #19 (Lockdown week 3)

  • What is time?
  • Harriet’s addicted to designing houses on the Sims. I’ve lost her.
  • I’ve been de-wilding our garden
  • Spent an evening making a tediously fiddly Bograft model
  • Seriously considering getting a games console for the first time in my adult life
  • Watched this remote lecture by Ruben Pater, the guy who wrote that Politics of Design book. Pretty interesting work, lovely head of hair.
  • Top tip for remote workers on Google– the Google Meet Grid View Chrome plugin means you can… use a grid view
  • Don’t really understand why Google don’t have grid view on video calls anyway tbh, seems like it’s just some extremely basic CSS and javascript to make it work. I know quite a few people who use Zoom purely because you can see people’s faces on a grid.
  • Strange feeling looking at these Apple face shields and instructions
  • Whoever runs the Present & Correct Twitter account is outrageously on top of finding nice things to look at
  • Oh and here’s one hour of Jamaican communist music