Chris Thomas


Weeks #14, #15 & #16

  • I have been slacking on writing weeknotes. This is mostly because Harriet and I have spent the last few weeks completing on and moving into a flat. I’m fucking chuffed to be honest.
  • We now live in the slightly more suburban climes of West Norwood. I have gained a lot of Quality Of Life points in the last week. I don’t get the tube to work any more. The ceilings are high enough that I can’t reach them and the windows let light in. At dawn you can hear birds singing instead of pissheads. We have a dishwasher. Is this what adulthood is like?
  • I’m reliably informed that pretty much no-one refers to West Norwood as ‘WoNo’.
  • Now that I use it regularly again – credit where credit’s due, they have done an excellent job with the the new London Bridge station. Hard to remember now how crap it was when I first moved to London.
  • Work’s been good. Highlight has been going up to Manchester to give some training and getting reliably soaked through on the 5 minute walk from my hotel to the venue.
  • I’m really into these Thames Water drinking fountains that have started popping up around the place. Just something sort of Japanese and knowingly obvious about them. Haven’t actually used one like.
  • Sounds like no-one else likes them, although I don’t have time to list all my takedowns of the critique in this popular tweet
  • This new Beatrice Dillon album is made of thousands of very nice little noises
  • Just as I feel like I’m properly getting my shit together, Liverpool are losing theirs. So it goes.